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You wrote that you did no such thing, correct?

I think that is what my eyes are feeding to my brain.

And I will now check and see what I thought my brain was earlier receiving from my eyes, if you'll give me a minute or so, thank you.

Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
How is that different from tapping into your neighbor's cable TV service so you can watch cable TV without paying for it?
Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
How is that different from you piggy-backing on your neighbor's Internet service so you can get free Internet access?
Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
How is this different from your neighbor buying the latest Star Wars Blu-ray movie, making unauthorized copies of it, then giving it away?
Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
... without asking someone to violate their contracts.
Okay, maybe you were writing those lines for someone else to read. Please excuse my error of interpretation of intent when those lines were written by you.

I think it was the use of "your" twice in those first two quote boxes and then the use of "you" three times in those same first two quote boxes up there that had my brain mistakenly thinking those determiners and pronouns were referring to myself. Again, please excuse my error.

Then there were those other references to some sort of illegal behavior, but it seems that was also not intending to imply I would condone such behavior, which I have already made clear that I now understand I was mistaken in analyzing the input from my eyes.

And the use of "sent" was meant to convey that it was "sent" to one of those boxes in my Windows Update thingy. "Sent" on February 11th, by the way.

By the way, you used that vocabulary "deserve" in a sentence, Digerati.

Now, that one word opens up a very interesting door, that I am so glad you have opened.

Well, you just cracked the door open; so I hope you'll excuse me for now kicking it open.

Why do those individuals "deserve" special treatment from Microsoft?

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