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I sort of feel for you in some strange human-type way, Digerati, because you must have inner conflicts
LOL Inner conflict? Not at all. It is crystal clear. It is time for W7 users to move on and upgrade to W10. Period. This is not just for their own protection. But, just as with XP, so their systems don't become compromised then used as weapons against the rest of us to distribute spam or malware, or to be drafted into bot armies in DDoS attacks.

But you started giving me criminal intent without even asking first.

That is kind of sad. But interesting.
LOL I did no such thing. I find it interesting that you appear to have some guilt there because I never accused you of doing anything illegal. But I note it is you who brought up that this extended support could "sort of be leaked out". If it was perfectly legitimate, why would it need to be leaked out?

If there is any conflict, it is me not understanding why some will go to extremes to rationalize any means possible to get something they don't deserve for free!

As for your office and home scenario, how does that even apply here? The company owns the license for the OS used on the office machine. Not you. If you use the same office supplies at home as you do at work, is it okay to take office supplies home?


Microsoft "sent" you the malicious software removal tool? Not sure what you mean by "sent". But I note it has been made available for everyone to download and use for several years now. And it is regularly updated to address current threats.