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I sort of feel for you in some strange human-type way, Digerati, because you must have inner conflicts that cause that sort of supposition to arise from somebody's simple observation of a possibility that is so common within human communications methods.

How did you conclude, or even guess, that I had any sort of criminal intent in my thinking that information could leak out?

I did not even offer that I would actively seek such information.

But you started giving me criminal intent without even asking first.

That is kind of sad. But interesting.

One must not be speculating openly in your presence, it seems.

But I am always speculating about matters in life, and cannot fix that fault of mine. Well, you have given me a feeling it is some sort of fault. I'll have to give that further consideration when time allows.

As for what concerns me about Windows 10, you again seem to jump to conclusions.

What I have concerns about with Windows 10 is that I suspect there are aspects of the control over the workings of the system that have been taken away from the owner of the computer and shifted over to the owner of the operating system.

But I am suspecting the same problem exists throughout the many aspects and cogs and binaries of all sorts of instruments needed these days to keep up with the Joneses in this new computer world we are building.

Like in browsers.

In fact, I have begun to worry whether humans might "control" themselves right out of primary planet controllers in a couple of hundred years or more, when these super smart computers have figured out how to mimic the thinkings of humans themselves.

As for the malicious software combat tool that Microsoft sent me in February, I was simply offering that I was surprised. I was not expecting to see that. I don't know what it means, because I haven't had time to study that bit of Internet/computer business since that day I first saw it sitting there beckoning me to do something with it, like a stray dog sitting outside the door when I step out for my newspaper. I would first wonder how and why the gate was left open.

You see, Digerati, I thought Microsoft had shut that gate.

... ... ...

But I am feeling sort of bad that you drew the conclusion of criminal intent in those very few words I wrote about information leaking out.

Actually, though, you provide me with opportunity for furthering my education. I never even considered that somebody might do any of those things to me. So maybe I should broaden my approach to security. That could mean that I better make my downwind leg a bit longer.

* * * Just a moment, please. As I was reviewing this post before hitting the "Show My Words To The World" button it hit me about a possible conflict within my own mind. What if I use an organization's computer that is receiving support at an office, but when I get home I have a computer of a private style that has that same OS? Just entered my mind, Digerati, so no time yet for criminal planning. See, you've helped further my brain's working on another front. If I hadn't read your answer, that thinking might never have entered my brain. Or been born within my brain. Of course, that begs the question whether our brains are really a collective? Or are we truly independent? * * *

But back to my changing my airfield's traffic pattern --- it is interesting about a downwind, isn't it? It can go in opposite directions at the whim of Mother Nature.

I sometimes wonder how much control Mother Nature has over the progression of this new digital world? Control that we haven't even guessed at, yet? And that is leaving out what God must be thinking about all this digital that and digital this. I wonder, for example, what God will do about a computer that develops a human conscience?

And I absolutely do mean to use "human" in its adjective sense in that question. That allows for the question whether my shepherds have a conscience? Maybe just wondering if the female does? I'm rather sure the male does not.

Please note my liberal use of question marks.

Yep, Digerati, you've got my brain to working way too hard. But I sincerely appreciate that. Need that for the writing of a courtroom brief.