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Just for fun! I like working with long shot projects like this keeps the old memory working trying to remember methods of operation.

Yes I did look at Linux but it would have to be an older version to fit with the systems older spec which then runs into driver issues and would need a person more in tune with Linux to find what was required.

Yes I agree XP is a large lump (or more precise became a large lump) its first edition sat quite well with the then older systems, service pack 2 opened many doors but SP3 was the death knell plus all those later updates (network framework).
My idea is get it to SP2 so it can talk to later systems in a basic way, no internet etc that would require an antivirus a period copy of Word to do snail mail, print my postage labels etc.

Yes I do have a system with 10 working but find my older software either will not work or files are unable to be transfered over as they have a DOS based element to them. Also Win10 keeps updating to block threats (fine) but keeps changing my settings at will, so I am like OK will use an old system till "you" get tired and move on to Win11.

Many of the teams that worked on 7 are now joining 10 teams to update earlier versions which they stopped when conflicts became a problem with older hardware.

I just thought as there are cheap Chinese SSD modules in a Pata form would give a speed boost but to go above 8Gb would require some generic overlay software to say 16Gb or 32Gb which would be more than enough, plus I would learn a bit.

Many thanks from David
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