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Rules are not different "from site to site". US Law is US Law.

While it's true some countries may not honor the Berne Convention (Like China, North Korea, etc.), most do. Regardless of what a web site's terms may state, removing a watermark is a direct infringement on someone's copyright. You could be liable for damage if that owner chose to pursue the matter.

I am aware that much of Instagram, Facebook, et al is littered with infringements.... but that doesn't make it "right" or "okay". Everything on the internet is NOT "free for the taking".

I make my living via intellectual property (digital images and content). I depend on that income. Using one of my images without permission is no different than you walking into my office and taking money off my desk... you are robbing me of materials I need to eat and live. However you try and justify it.. it's still theft.
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