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But so as long as I have Webroot complete anti virus software & Premium Malwarebytes will I be safe from malware with using windows 7 without the M.S> updates ?
The problem is, just as it is/was with XP, you may be safe today, but tomorrow a previously undiscovered vulnerability may be exploited by new malware the security industry has not accounted for.

For that reason, there is no way anybody can say your computer will remain secured.

You use win7 at your own risk
The problem is, again, the same with XP. Not all malware is designed to compromise your personal security. Instead, bad guys will often create malware that turns the infected system into a distributor of malware or spam, or to use in a DDoS attack on another - all without the user of that machine even being aware the computer was compromised. It might, for example, send out 10 spam messages an hour. You likely would not notice that.

So the problem is, using an unsupported operating system turns that computer into a potential threat against the rest of us too. And that is not cool.

So I recommend you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible - even if that means new hardware that supports it. Alternatively, there is always one of the many capable adn **free** versions of Linux.

And remember, it is easy to make W10 look and feel like W7 with Start10 or Open-Shell.

If the concern is W10 privacy, don't worry about it. First, there is a HUGE difference between privacy and security. W10 is NOT trying to steal your passwords, access your bank accounts, contacts, or infect your system. In fact, it protects those things better than any previous version of Windows.

As for privacy, you have MUCH more to worry about with Google, Facebook, your ISP and especially your cell phone carrier than you do with Microsoft or Windows 10.