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Hi, thank you for the response. I attempted what you had suggested.
Got into Safe Mode with Command. Started a System Restore to 2008, but after about 15 minutes an "Unexpected Error Occurred." So, I attempted the same steps, but chose a date not so old. I had fingers crossed, but with my luck, the same "Unexpected Error Occurred."

So, I am feeling as though a System Restore is out of the option. Is it possible to just clean up the current install and everything. Make sure there is no viruses, spyware and/or malware? Clean it all up, delete and uninstall Programs that are not "Factory" or vital to the operation of the laptop.

There is an anti-virus program installed called "AVG Free Edition" but it has an error with no serial number, i have attempted to uninstall it but it gives a dll error.

Once again thank you for your time, advice and suggestions.
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