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Originally Posted by renegade600 View Post
need to know the following. what internet package are you subscribed to? what router did you get from goodwill? Is the at$t device a router/modem combo?

you can get wifi testing app for your smartphone and use it to check the wifi signal around your house to see if you have any bad spots.
I have AT&T. They provided a "gateway" i believe is the term they use. I assume that it does both. From what i understand, the gateway will only allow 5 wireless connections. This is what i'm trying to remedy. The used router is a LInksys BEFSX41 V2. Generally, all my devices do "connect". Its the staying connected that seems to be tough. Really, i'm up against the device connection limit with the gateway itself. I need to create another access point so that "all my devices" can connect freely without worrying about a device limit. That is the goal.
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