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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Edit the filename to include a leading zero's when there are more than 10 episodes.
eg 01, 02, 03.......09, 10, 11 and so on. If there are more than 100 episodes you'll need to start with two leading zero's.
Been there done that before my original post.

As described, it did not help. The file with edited filename "Episode_095" ran before "Episode_010" which ran before "Episode_003". Those filenames were identical to the titles which are buried in metadata.

Any chance the files run in the sequence they were last accessed? I did not move all the episodes to my thumbdrive simultaneously; I was sampling the product and downloaded them piecemeal. Could that be the culprit?

Also, can we lobby for a better OS for cars? The Android system is so easy to use and it maintains subfolders in a file tree; the car doesn't do that, and it is so much more complex I'm sure it is causing accidents, as if manufacturers care about that if they can save 10 cents on the software used in the entertainment center.
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