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I had a box with SCSI gear in it long time ago (so have not used one in a long time), and recall SCSI uses ID jumpers (rather than master/slave) and the last device on the ribbon or last in chain ought to have its terminator jumper set or has to have "autoterm" capabilities for the termination of a chain..

SCSI sometimes even used a terminator dongle. (like one can find on SCSI scanners)

ID is set in a binary way of setting jumpers
::: is zero (all ID jumpers open)

|:: is 1

:|| is 6
so there are seven combinations with three jumpers, and another jumper for termination...

for hard drives, format procedures are basically same.
Boot options (what ID of drive you want to use as boot device) are to be set in the SCSI card bios and mobo BIOS must be set to use/boot from SCSI.
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