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Hi Branden

welcome to CTH.
It took a while for someone to respond here, but that is because you chose to post your question in a topic started by someone else.
(And, this particular one was started/stickied to stay up for the general tips it can provide.)

You should start a new topic with same question if this is not solved yet.
I think of a few possibilities.
CPU fan not plugged in.
CPU not seated well.
The +12V plug not plugged in to motherboard.

And now for the bad news
When you get your replacement mobo going, and connect your "old" hard drive, its "windows operating system" you had running will most likely go cuckoo on you.
(A crash with an "irq is not equal" error.)

Even with exact same model motherboard... it still has various different internal markers, so that means that it is HIGHLY likely it makes your old windows go slightly nuts...
In any case, I am sure reactivation is in the future...

If your old data is important, I suggest you start with a new drive, one that is empty.
Later on, add the old drive, and get to your old data...
You'll have plenty time to find ways to get your own data off. (/ways to import data in a way that it is again usable.)

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