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some motherboards have the connector for floppy on the far edge of the mobo.
While building the system, one can put the ribbon UNDER the mobo so it does not hang over the other cards.

The floppy ribbon has to be bent over itself to take a turn toward the floppy bay, and you just don't make that bend too sharp. Don't crack it, it will still go under... First look how it will go on, and then use some ducktape to keep it in place after you tried fit the mobo over it.
do not let it make fixing holes unused.

I do NOT recommend you do this for hard drive ribbons. Even when the mobo has a akward layout and the connectors are at the far rim...
The signal frequencies are so much higher that one should not create these sharp bends in them..

added an afterthought in..2010)
heh.. I reckon we do not have to explain standing wave ratio. It plays its role. A crack bent SATA can literally crack a wire, but, wires carrying a modulated signal can do a strong wave foldback causing a signal supression.
Come to think of it, SATA wires could go under if need be, just NEVER sharply bend these. NEVER.
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