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Hey wblack,

Sorry for this late reply, I've had more troubling things to deal with.
But, I'm glad that you found the problem.

Only, I looked at a picture of your Motherboard, and I see why you had such a tough time with it.

The way the Memory Slots are on the Motherboard, there is no support under them when you insert the memory sticks.
This will cause the Motherboard to flex, and not make good contact in the Memory Slot.

This is a simple design flaw with a lot of Motherboards, in that if you look at how the computer was assembled at the factory.
The Memory Sticks are installed in to the Motherboard on a flat surface,
as well as the Processor and Heatsink/Fan, before it is mounted in to the case.

Too stop the Motherboard from flexing.
Place a Plastic Stand-Off under the section of the PCB with the Memory Sockets.

Or if the case doesn't have a ready made hole to use.

Use one or two Rubber Bumper Feet under the PCB were the Memory Slots are.
This will give the Motherboard extra support, So it won't flex while you're inserting more Memory Sticks.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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