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Originally Posted by Idnew View Post
I also need to know how do you like Win10. I'm running Win7 and love it. So tell me what brand and what I need to look for to buy.
I have had Windows 10 for almost a year, and I hate it! Before this I had Windows 7 and I wish I still have it. With W10 there's so many "little" nagging faults with it. For example when saving image files or for that matter any file within a folder, if there's duplicate named files it was so easy to correct in W7 with W10 there's that much more to do, why they could have just left it as it was, is beyond me. Also when opening a folder which contains a lot of files, it takes a while to open that folder, whereas with W7 the folders would open fully, instantly. Just getting around W10 seems that much more difficult, than other Windows Os's. I suggest your keeping W7 for as long as possible.
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