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LoL Client lags with duel monitor

My computer:

My issue is with LoL (League of Legends) client being slow ONLY when I plug in my 2nd monitor into the HDMI port. For those of you not familiar, LoL had an old client and a beta one which is more advanced (visually). When I ran the old client (legacy client) it worked fine with the multiple monitors but the option to use the old client has been removed. I have a 3rd monitor I also use in the VGA port. The issue starts, however, as soon as I plug in the HDMI, even without the VGA monitor plugged in. I've tried messing with the NVIDIA 3D settings but have had no changes. My graphics driver is up to date and I made sure that the .exe for the client is using the GPU and not the integrated graphics. As soon as i unplug the monitors it goes back to normal without restarting the client.

It might also be worth mentioning that it didn't always do this until a certain patch for the game. Nothing else has changed on my PC relating to this. No other program has this issue. Moving the client to different monitors also does nothing.

Thanks in advance
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