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Booting Stuck?

Yesterday I return to my dwelling and found the Vista desktop at a blank screen with a cursor. It was in a Windows environment. I CTRL-ALT-DELed to get Task Manager and the only thing "running" (well, "not responding") was "personalized settings." It boots okay in Safe Mode. I ran "chkdsk /f/r" twice on the drive. Still boots into Windows but stops at a blank screen with a cursor, and I can still bring up Task Manager and see those settings still not responding. Maybe one of the crashes it constantly gets destroyed the user profile? But it booted into Safe Mode showing all Desktop icons with no issue.

In Safe Mode I created another admin account and tried to boot into that, but same result. Just hangs at a blank screen and if I CAD into Task Manager, the personalized settings will not be responding, and killing it not help. I really can only CAD to restart computer into Safe Mode is my only option.

Last Known Config not helped either.



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