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Originally Posted by Jintan View Post
Actually, I prefer using Firefox. Add a Ublock ad blocker and it works great. Not even ads on my email page. May block that shield pest as well, though you may want to contact Century on that one. I recommend you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge. Just have to type "internet" in the search bar, and when Internet Explorer shows at the top of the display, right click and choose "Pin to taskbar" (so you have handy access to it). Edge always seems to have problems.
OK I just got in to my e-mail through Explorer and on the third page ( the second sign in page ) where that ' Emblem " has stayed solid for a couple of weeks now . it does not show in Explorer which leads me to think that it is Google that is tracking my movement for whatever reasons ! The " Emblem " is not so much a pest as it is I am always curious of " Why " when things start to happen that has never happened / I would be curious to hear your professional opinion . I have a very recent post here about Google that may explain my opinion .. Thanks !
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