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Thank you

Originally Posted by Jintan View Post
Welcome to CTH evanandrew3333.

I find that most often when you have BSOD's with changing errors that bad RAM is suspect. Especially those particular errors you posted. Do you have more than one stick of RAM in the system? Usually if so, I remove the stick closest to the CPU, reboot and check for improvement. Not sure why the first stick is oten the issue - maybe gets the brunt of use when the system is running.

Thank you for your reply. Is there any sort of software I could run to find out
whether any RAM is failing? I believe there are two sticks, and two expansion slots. Which leads me to a new question: if I add more RAM sticks, do I also have to upgrade other items on the computer to make them function?
Here is a link to my specs. I don't know much about what they mean:
I am not confident I could remove a stick without breaking something. Not experienced with this.