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Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
You have missed the point, nothing to stop a car owner installing batteries, charging them from the solar during the day and using the batteries to charge their car at night, all completely independent to the power network, if they wish.
In theory yes, practically it is hard to fathom.

Each 5x3 foot panel produces about 330 watts/hour in good sun and it takes 100 kwh to juice a Tesla car, so it takes some combination of panels and sun hours totalling 300 for a fill up. In the winter, 6 hours of sun is a lot, so you are looking at about 50 panels generating about 16.67 kw/h to get a full tank from zero in a day.

Include the amount of real estate you are planning to use (750 sq ft in the example) the installation cost for the panels andbattery, the wiring from the battery to the car, and the non-availability of the car while juicing to get the cost of "free" electricity.

I appreciate the sacrifice by early adopters but the Betamax experiment remains a cautionary tale.

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