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Issues with WoW

For about 2 weeks i have been trying to play WoW again. It would seem simple to get to run and really wouldn't have much issues. Much to my displeasure though i have been jumping through hoops like a circus clown. The game is very random in the lengths it runs but it can go from anywhere from 10-60minutes before it starts bugging out. sometimes it stops responding and others it closes the game window and reopens a new one leaving me logged in and exactly where i was before, sometimes im able to continue playing from this if i only does it a few times but most of the time it does it infinitely till i close it with task manager. I've tried all the trouble shooting options i can think of and i am left thinking it's just a driver issue but i don't know where to even being looking for one. Also while trying to fix this it has brought up a new issue, i was trying to format my harddrive to see if a fresh install would fix it and it was quite simple on windows 10 but after just reverting back to windows 7 ultimate my computer is left running funky.. slower as well as louder.
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