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Originally Posted by Murf View Post
Great Idea

I change the title of the thread to hopefully bring more folks in. Hope you don't mind.

Here are some:


Usually by default many Windows services start that are not needed for a home user. Telling Windows not to load some of these can speed your machine up considerably. The list below describes some. It's recommended that you set them to "manual" and not "disabled". A manual setting will usually still allow the service to start if the system requires it.

Remember that each PC is different and some situations will require these services and some will not! Use discretion when playing around with them and make sure you have backups, as (like playing with the registry) a wrong move can render your machine unusable!

Here is an excellent site for tweaking Services

sorry, but where do i navigate to get to services? and/or how i do access the equivalent of msconfig on xp for win2k pro?

thank you,

sorry, i should've read a little further...

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