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ah that's where ur wrong I used to think that too, but see Gates is something very few know about his TRUE IDENTITY, trust me I found this out a bit myself this few months ago. Just try the Easter Eggs of his software, in Word 95 or so THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS, that gave me a clue about who he is really is and moving on, BILL GATES is out to take over the world basically...HE HAS MONEY UP THE U KNOW WHAT and can't fix up an OS, alas I did say he fixed up one or two during the continuing support of 98, but if it is sooo bug ridden and many continue to use it, like i said why not patch up the remaining holes in it until the Support Date he promised. HE WON't be broke I can tell ya that... see I wouldn't be griping if the support wasn't extended like a year or two ago. But promising and then breaking it is something different as if he won't fix up the supposed patches then otherwise if their aren't any being put out that I see then 98 (besides the new hardware not being detected, some minor bugs, etc...) is PERFECTLY SAFE with the updates for security in the updates section so far...