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well I think 2000 might work if I can get it on this 550mhz hp vectra vli8. I have some other taken apart computers. If I get raid working well, I have an xp DELL OEM disk that will install to ANY Dell computer. On this particular computer it does install but hangs the modem which worked fine on the dell optiplex gx300 I have broken (broke pins, i know.. :P worked on one with some pins restuck in, however when trying out my RAID controller i said I GIVE UP... :X and am using the newer/older one this vli8 but I might put that comp. and all others back together however I don't want to reinstall the OS so that's why i am refusing to go back. plus XP is RIDDEN with unsafety. If 98 ain't so safe and its still supported why ain't MS patching it? with the safest XP there was like 100 patches a week..YEESH. Also I was hacked once with XP, altho never with windows 98. :X and yes at that time i had the latest patches at that time... FIX 98's GDI resources problem and then add more compatibility for newer hardware and then your pretty much done. :P

If the resources were fixed 98 would be perfect.