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Can't find the college wifi

My son uses a Dell Gaming Laptop. He took it too school so I don't have the model number in front of me. Win10.

Long and short, he complained he could not find his college's wifi network on the computer even after multiple scans, so he could not use it, which is an imperative given the option of using a hotspot from his phone is problematic as cell reception is lousy in the dorm but there are plenty of routers in all the buildings.

I had no trouble locating our home wifi networks and the neighbors networks when he brought it home, and it worked great when logged into our home networks. I had no trouble finding the college wifi on my phone. I simply can't think of a reason why his computer can't find the college's wifi.

Is there some setting he might have jiggered that blocks him from finding the college wifi? Maybe a "forget network" command that he gave that can be reversed?

PS. I'm going over there tomorrow hoping to sort it out. so if anyone knows anything, I'd appreciate an expedited discourse. TY.
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