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Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
You're asking how to essentially steal the intellectual property of someone. I realize it may not be a malicious thought at all. But the watermark is there to ensure the image is paid for if it is to be sued. By circumventing copyright protection measure, you are trying to steal the image...

There is no method to "magically" strip a watermark off of an image other than paying for the image without the watermark.
Fair enough. I'm not sure you are 100% correct about the law as I am under the impression there are differences from place to place and with respect to the objective of the photographer and the rights holder who may be different people, but I hear you.*

*Technically, much of Facebook and Instagram consists of copyright infringing. In the US, the photographer has the rights to the image under most circumstances. So anyone posting a pic with his or her own image that is not a selfie is infringing, even if the pic was taken with his or her own phone. So what the law is and whether it is going to be enforced is a separate issue.

However... how the mark disappears in Explorer.. when images are saved in some formats they contain individual "preview" images or thumbnails within themselves.
Thanks for the info. Is the same true for an overlaid date within a pic?
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