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Originally Posted by Jintan View Post
I truly did not intend my comments end this marvelous debate.
The great pity is that there are so few who come here and are prepared to make a comment these days. This seems to be a common failing of specialist computer forums.

An example of an even more specialist forum, which started off as a discussion on the main ISP here in Australia, back when dial-up was the way to connect. That ISP was called Bigpond, it was owned by main telco, the then government owned, Telecom Australia.

The forum was started by a disgruntled customer of Bigpond who complained of slow connection speeds and dropouts. The forum he started, using his own customised software platform, was called Whirlpool, as a play on words of Bigpond.

Today that forum has expanded to include many areas of interest, it has a large following, and new posters joining every day.
The current stats are:
858,091 registered members
9,383 visited in past 24 hrs
799 members online now
1,100 guests visiting now
3,636,842 threads
65,858,504 posts
You can take a look at Whirlpool at

In this day and age perhaps the only way for specialists forums to survive is to broaden their horizons.
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