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Intermittent problems are tougher to figure on.

Disable Eset and download and run Kaspersky's KVRT tool from here. It works similar to TDSSKiller. I don't have specific steps to run it, but have used it successfully to remove rootkits in the past when TDSSKiller found nothing.


I also would like to check the dump file from the Gmer crash. Not necessarily to analyze it, since that will just say Gmer's file caused the crash. But I would like to see it's "strings", the readable text part of the file. Sometimes you can catch infection caught by surprise because of the dump.

Make sure you can View Hidden Files.

Navigate to the following folder:


And if one is there, locate in it any recent minidump(date-somenumber).dmp files created, where "date-somenumber" matches dates of any recent crashes there.

I no longer have an upload site, so will need you to upload to one you use, then post the link here so I can download it. If you don't know of an upload site post and I will locate one.
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