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Originally Posted by SpywareDr View Post
Yep, know what you mean. For general mass storage, you can't beat the price per GB of spinners. For snappy performance though, you gotta pay to play.

Having a SSD isn't always necessary.

Unless your running some of the latest games that want as much Memory possible.
The fastest CPU, and the highest end Graphics Card as well.

You can get by with 16 GB of Memory, a mid range CPU, and mid level Graphics Card.
Plus, a 1TB 7200RPM 16MB Cache HDD.

Another factor is the Motherboard buss speed.
Even if you get a fast SSD, your MB might not be able to be setup too get the fastest speeds out of the drive.
  • Because of an old SATA driver controller.
  • The Speed of the Memory will dictate how fast the buss speed will be.
Well, this is a rabbit hole that can get rather deep.

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