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Both monitors are LG EW224 and are same res as laptop monitor (1080).

With the Laptop display disabled it is the same thing (i had the game "Rust" running when i switched it off, and it still worked fine but it defaulted to the VGA monitor) While it was disabled i closed and re-opened the client.

The HDMI device is just a monitor, nothing with audio, changes (all coming into headset)

Yes i've tried "hot-plugging" and vice versa.

The only monitoring software i use is the one that comes with the NVIDIA software.

In the software you recommended, the first screenshot is with only the VGA plugged in, and the second was after i plugged in the HDMI. During this test i found out that if i have the VGA plugged in and not the HDMI, the game client works fine

In this next screenshot you can see that apparently it's saying that only monitor 3 is using my GPU and the others are on integrated. Not sure how that can be, because my laptop is my main displace i play all the games on. Display 3 is the HDMI and 2 is the VGA.

thanks for your detailed reply.

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