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Originally Posted by mel3986 View Post
Thank you for answering so quickly.

I ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor, and it told me I have an upgrade option available, but I can't seem to get Windows 7 to install. Maybe I'm going about it wrong.
the upgrade advisor is worthless for most older computers. it only checks some specs not all specs or if drivers are available. that is what you really need to look at. as previously stated, if the manufacturers do not have drivers, it is usually best not to upgrade.

as far as vista not being supported anymore, as long as you practice save surfin, keep your antiviruses uptodate, you can continue to run vista.

if you are bound and determined to upgrade to win7. make sure you have a copy of vista or a good backup or clone of it in case win 7 does not work. you want to make sure you have something to go back to.

as far as the problem of not getting win7 to install. you need to provide more detail. at what point are you having problems with. any error messages. is it a legit copy of win7. you are only eligible for an upgrade version. you cannot use one from another computer.