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Lightbulb A Sticky for Everyone Who Owns an ATI Video Card

Hello all,
I was recently having some video card overheating issues with my ATI x850XT while playing high demanding games. The computer would beep at me, and the FPS would 'die' after a few minutes playing CounterStrike Source. I am here to report that I have found the answer and I'd bet that this solves a lot of others problems.

The fan speed for my ATI card was set to 5%. Out of the box, no tweaking. 5%...

If the fan is running at 5%, then how could you cool your card?! The solution is to download ATI Tray Tools Thanks to liondad for that one. Once in Tray Tools, go to hardware, overclocking, then click the fan tab and away you go!

I would bet that this one post solves quite a few problems. Moderators, I ask that you somehow get this information out there, in the Gaming Forum as well as the Hardware Forum. Thanks.

The link to my original problem