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Originally Posted by lufbra View Post
How many posts does ANYONE have to make here, before they can be classed as "believable"?
I don't know, however experience tells me that a one post member who is pushing a particular product is probably a spammer or has some undeclared vested interest in that product.

The fact that there are several versions of this product is also a concern, a free very cut down version that requires registration with an e-mail address and two more comprehensive versions that have to be paid for is even a greater concern.

(scenario 1 - lots of spam urging purchase of paid version)

(scenario 2 - free version breaks registry- paid version repairs it)

If the new poster were to come back and post something more substantial than the statement like "I have been using this for years" as a recommendation, perhaps the post would have a little credibility.

However, on the face of it, I would be prepared to wage my left knacker that this poster is one of those SEOE from the Philippines or India who just makes pointless posts containing the name of a product, so that search engine crawlers will pick it up and elevate the ranking of the products search results.

Come on back new member, prove me wrong!!
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