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As huge as these logs have gotten I am sure everyone is challenged.

I would back off checking for rootkits, except I have never had Gmer crash for no reason on 10 before.

Open Gmer. Does it show anything on it's initial scan (no, don't push the Scan button)? If so, can you use the snipping too and take a snap of it, upload it to a photo site and post a copy here?

Also after opening Gmer, click the >>> at the top to expand the tabs. Then click the processes tab. Look through that list, and see if there are any blank spaces (no exe file or info shows). Also if there are processes similar to:


Again, upload a snap if you spot any.


Go to Start Search, type cmd.exe in the Start Search box. Cmd.exe will appear at the top of the Menu. Rightclick on it and choose "Run as administrator". At the prompt type the following, pressing Enter after:

chkdsk /r

It will likely find volumes in use and ask if you want it to run on reboot - select Y for yes, then reboot. This will scan for files as well a locate and repair bad sectors of the disk.

You can watch as it checks the disk, and be looking for it moving or changing or recovering files or sectors, which would suggest file system corruption. Check disk will correct all these. Post back after if it helped any.
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