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One day in 2015 I noticed this file called ________.__- in my system directory.... The file is 0kb and DOES NOT SHOW UP IN DOS!! (The file doesnt exist)

I cant delete it as the computer thinks it doesnt exist.....

I have thought about copying the whole system directory to another folder and then renaming it SYSTEM but I noticed some stuff wont copy over so i aborted trying......

I just looked @ the file again yesterday and I cant get rid of it!!!!!!

Anyone know how??? It shows up in Windows search but not dos... -- I can create another file with the same name using notepad but I can then only delete the one I created,the other one stays there!!

I dunno how it got there if it doesnt have a DOS pointer!!

Im just curious any tricks I can try to get this 'Orphaned' entry assigned and then deleted??

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