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Laptop - black screen crash (Windows 10)

Lenovo IdeaPad 330
Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U CPU

This is a laptop I purchased as a refurbished machine 2 months ago, with a 12 month warranty from the online store (who are are Microsoft certified refurbisher here in the UK).

Everything was fine up until around 2 weeks ago. I was using the machine on my lap, I moved it slightly and reached over to pick something up. No pressue was applied to the lid or screen at all, but it seemed the movement caused the screen to go black, and it would not respond. So I had to hold down the power button to reboot it.

This happened several more times with what I would describe as minor movement. One time it happened when I plugged in a USB mouse.

So, I've sent it off to the store (sadly, it's an online sale and the store isn't local so I can't just drop it in) and it's been sent back with "no fault found". I thought, maybe it's just something which has resolved itself once they opened it up, maybe a wire was snagged or something.

But no, I get it back today and literally within 2 minutes of turning the thing back on, I get the black screen again with some minor movement. I turn it back on again, and it seems to be OK. I was on the Lenovo website looking to update any drivers which needed to be updated. I wasn't even moving and the black screen happens again.

Now, when this happens as demonstrated in the video linked below, the fans are still on (they're not paticularly audible in the video, but they're definitely on), and the lights with LEDS (caps lock, num lock and the power key) still light up. But, the light on the bottom of the mouse switches off, suggesting that it's not getting power.

Sometimes when it black screens, the screen's backlight stays on, but sometimes it doesn't!

Do any of you fine people here have any inkling what the issue may be? I was originally thinking it must be some kind of loose connection as the issue was happening when the laptop was being moved, however the last time it was on my lap and I was absolutely stationary - i wasn't even jiggling my legs!
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