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Firstly, thank you for your input, Ned Seagoon.

Secondly, an apology for being slow putting up the model number. it is XIGMATEK's HELIOS XTK231.

I just refreshed my memory and this unit doesn't just have a few slits, or whatever all those holes might be called --- it has many and more.

Also I decided to do a quick search engine on air flow reduction when using filters and that was when I saw an absolutely great idea somebody had posted and I kick myself for not thinking of it before I started this thread -- women's stockings.

Especially when they are stretched, they are simply not going to reduce the airflow enough to make the use of that a hazard, BUT the dust that collects has to be cleaned often. Well, and any hairs.

Oh yes, I am not at all sure my colleague is able to move the tower to a higher location and as she lives in an earthquake danger area I also would not view that as safe, unless she were to somehow anchor the tower after she figured out in what manner to get it up higher. There is an age/health factor involved, also.

But I do feel like a real fool, because women's stockings are the answer. Very sorry about that everyone.
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