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Hey everyone,

I've been using CCleaner for several years now, and have not had any serious problems, till Avast went and bought them.

Now a days, registry cleaning isn't needed.
Unless your still running a HDD and NOT a SSD.
Well, I still am running a HDD. {Because I'm cheap.}

Thus, I found that cleaning the Reg & de-fragmenting it helped in the boot up speed of Windows 7.
I also de-fragment the HDD after I cleaned out all the old drivers that were piling up after a year of monthly or weekly driver up dates.

Note: I kept one or two old version drivers back from the current one, in case there was an issue.
I also kept the most recent two System Restore Points just in case too.

So, for us old timers who are still running older systems and are looking for a replacement for CCleaner.

Here are 5 that are reviewed:

I am NOT endorsing any of these.
And I have yet to try any one of them.
They are just here for you to look at.

Signed: Ensign Tzap
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