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Originally Posted by Jaytee View Post
I am with Murf Jintan and Neddie.... Reg cleaners have brought me nothing but grief and sorrow
John, when I originally posted in this thread, it had nothing to do with whether using such programs is a good thing or bad, all it had to do with, was someone's great way of "welcoming" a new member to CTH....

Originally Posted by Ned Seagoon View Post
Why on earth should anyone accept the word of a new one post user when an experienced forum moderator with over 15 thousand posts to his name advises against the use of this product?

Be aware that saying you have used it and it never broke your computer, is no recommendation. Why did you use it? What silly things are you doing with your computer?

I know of a number of people who haven driven their car while drunk without killing anyone, but that does not prove that drink driving is OK.

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