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lcyber January 30th, 2019 06:30 PM

is there a safe way to clean up pc
Is there a simple safe way to clean up a pcthat has become slow.

Jintan January 31st, 2019 01:36 PM

Hi Icyber,

In most instances, slowness is brought on by unwanted software running, which includes types of malicious software. Easiest process to clean things up would be to post a new request in the Malware Removal Forum, and olgun52 or I can help you out.

Digerati January 31st, 2019 04:21 PM

Do you suspect malware?

Lots of things can slow down a computer that don't suggest infection. If you have kept Windows and your security current, and you have not been "click-happy" on every unsolicited popup, attachment, download and link you come across, it is unlikely your computer is infected. Have you scanned for malware?

For sure, unwanted software can slow down a computer - but so can too many "wanted" programs starting with Windows. So make sure only those programs you use regularly start with Windows.

Too much "clutter" can slow down a computer. In fact, this is one of the more common causes. If you already have CCleaner installed, you can run that. If not, use Windows own Disk Cleanup.

Running out of free disk space is a very common cause of system slow downs. After cleaning out the clutter, make sure you have lots of free disk space - especially on your boot drive. What is "lots"? Don't let anyone tell you to maintain some "percentage" based on the size of the disk. They don't know what they are talking about. With today's huge drives, using a percentage could result wasting way too much.

Remember, Windows could care less how big the drive is, it only cares that is has enough elbow room for its own files, it's temp files and for proper Page File operation.

I generally recommend at least 20GB of free disk space (I like to keep 30GB). If you have less than that, uninstall programs you installed you don't use. If you don't know what a program is, Google it to make sure it is safe. If still unsure, leave it.

If you still are low on disk space there are easy ways to move your Documents and Downloads default folders to a different drive. The primary Page File can be moved too.

Speaking of the Page File, dinking with it can adversely affect performance. Just let Windows manage it. Unless you truly are smarter than all the PhDs, and computer scientists at Microsoft with their super computers and their decades and exabytes of empirical data, it is highly unlikely you know more about memory management than they do.

If you still cannot free up enough space, it may be time to shop around for a bigger drive.

Jintan February 9th, 2019 05:08 PM


I noticed you did not reply here, and also saw your post in the Hardware forum. A five year old laptop truly is not considered old by any means, and that you are posting in the Windows 10 forum suggests a recent enough system. So if it is slow, it just needs some changes made there. Did you try Digerati's ideas? I truly like to help, and I think speeding things up there should not be too difficult.

lcyber February 9th, 2019 07:14 PM

My laptop has just stopped working and am shopping around to have it fixed as I have been told it needs a new Mobo >It has been making a high pitched scream on startup culminating in refusing to start recently .This is why I posted asking if it is economically worth spending on.

Jintan February 9th, 2019 07:25 PM

The only thing I can think of that high squeal like that would be a fan. Though admittedly a problem fan could have led to a overheating situation which would damage the motherboard. What is the make and model number of your laptop?

lcyber February 11th, 2019 05:50 PM

How to change motherboard in laptop Acer Aspire
Is this beyond the reach of the average joe or must it be strictly for the profesionals?

Jintan February 11th, 2019 08:04 PM


I moved your post from the CTH Phones & Tablets because posting there didn't make sense, and in truth, we were trying to answer the question here. I had asked about the model # to check on motherboard prices. And we could check YouTube to see if there is a step by step video on the issue. With step by step vid and some small tools, then yes, the average Joe or Jane could do it. Carefully, and paying close attention to the video steps.

amzoun95 April 3rd, 2019 02:41 PM

Safest is canned air or an air compressor, just make sure not to spin your fans too fast or it can jack up the bearings inside.

Digerati April 3rd, 2019 04:33 PM

@amzoun95 Please read and understand the questions before responding. The question had nothing to do with cleaning out dust.

Plus the thread had been dormant for nearly 2 months.

amzoun95 April 4th, 2019 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by amzoun95 (Post 1305062)
Safest is canned air or an air compressor, just make sure not to spin your fans too fast or it can jack up the bearings inside.

make sure not to spin your fans too fast or it can jack up the bearings inside.

IPR512 April 4th, 2019 05:44 PM

Hey Bill
Looks like Amzoun95 doesn't understand English, and he's using Cybertech to link to other sites.

Digerati April 4th, 2019 05:47 PM


Looks like Amzoun95 doesn't understand English.
Looks like he/she was building up post count to be able to include spammy links. :( Post reported.

IPR512 April 4th, 2019 06:48 PM

Yep just another moron who is too lazy to get a real job.

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