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Odin2 August 21st, 2019 12:51 AM

Low battery alarm does not work
I run my Win7 laptop as a desktop. Every now and then the power cord gets disconnected. This should not be a problem, because I have Windows's low battery alarm (and also its critical battery alarm) enabled. I keep my system sound turned on, and I do hear alarms I've enabled for my Outlook program. (I've disabled all other Windows alarms.) Yet my laptop all too often goes dead for lack of power, and I've never heard either of the two alarms. When that happens, I reconnect the power cord and after restarting my system I can resume computing. But having to do so is a nuisance. Why can I not hear those two alarms?

renegade600 August 21st, 2019 09:48 AM

what is the full model number and manufacturer of the laptop.

Digerati August 21st, 2019 02:38 PM


I keep my system sound turned on, and I do hear alarms I've enabled for my Outlook program. (I've disabled all other Windows alarms.)
Outlook alarms are not the same thing as Windows (or hardware) alarms.

Did you used to hear these alarms?

Have you verified your Power Option settings?

And yeah, I agree with Dan. We need more information if you need more help.

Odin2 August 21st, 2019 05:48 PM

It's a Dell Latitude D630 (originally fitted with WinXP). The power options are as I set them, and they don't relate to sounds. I have never heard the subject alarms to my knowledge--although before I disabled them I did hear other Windows system sounds.

renegade600 August 21st, 2019 11:13 PM

as previously mentioned, the battery alarm is different from other sounds. You should be able to test it to see if it works or if the default is loud enough.

Step 1: Yes, you can set the low battery notification. Whenever your battery gets to a critical level (you can set it to what you want in your Advanced Power Plan Settings), you also get an audible alarm. Problem is that the default alarm can go unnoticed if you're playing music or are focused on what you're doing. However, you can change it to something that you can recognize and identify with.

a) Go to Control Panel, Sound.

b) Click on the Sounds Tab.

c) The Critical Battery Alarm is near the top of the list of Windows sounds. Click on test to hear it, and note how unobtrusive it is.

d) You can change it to something better by clicking on the Browse button and finding a WAV file you'll recognize, or you can just make your own WAV clip for the same purpose.

Odin2 August 22nd, 2019 12:36 AM

I've already done that (when I was deleting my other sounds), and I don't find these sounds at all unobtrusive. I may have in fact at that time chosen an especially jarring sound for these two alarms. (My choice is ringout.wav.)

I've tested these alarms again now, and I do notice that in my first of several tests it took quite a few seconds before each sound played. I don't know whether that's relevant, but it's strange. In subsequent tests the sounds were played as expected, at once.

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