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Ned Seagoon November 30th, 2019 07:33 AM

Update required
Perhaps an update is required to the sites 'About' page at

There are some inactive moderators listed, and I believe some are no longer living. May I suggest the addition of 'RIP' to those names where the member has passed away and an 'Inactive' to those where age or other interests have resulted in their moving on?


Murf December 1st, 2019 03:09 AM


Almost ALL Computer forums are dying a very slow death. With the advent of IPADS/Tablets/Phones, computers are dying breed. This is very noticeable here at CTH, as you point out many mods have either died or moved on, only a few of us left. The owner of this site will probably eventually just shut it down as it is no longer cost effective to maintain. If you look around at the most active computer sites, they are dying also. For an example:

Virtual DR: Which I modded for many years, very few members posting there
Bleeping Computer: Is still doing well
Tom's Hardware: Still doing well

It's a shame for those folks that still use and rely on computers, I am only speculating but most of these sites are ad generated revenue, but commercial enterprises are throwing there ads at sites dealing with Ipad/Tablets/Phones not computers.

The Dude December 1st, 2019 05:17 PM

Yes its sad sites are dying off........ I wonder if its somewhat because sites are changing to garbage??

Beautiful sites that used to be on VB3.x for example now on 5.x -- Disgusting,slower and ugly!! seems to be one of the most active sites still online!!! (I wonder if its cause they havent messed with thier software)

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