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Open Member Quote   I for one would like to say a word of appreciation and thanks to the moderators who help so many people on this forum. I would also like to remind all you people who post your urgent problems on any of the forums that it only takes a minute to say "thank you" to the person who helps you resolve your problem. I know how very frustrating it is to follow a problem until it is (presumably) resolved and then have the person who posed the problem disappear without any acknowledgement of having been helped. Think how you would feel is you had invested your time and your expertise in helping someone and they didn't even say "thank you." - jayt  Close Member Quote
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Free Virus Scan and a listing of the top 10 viruses in the wild - Free Antivirus Scan
Free Antivirus Scan

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Find what program a filetype belongs to in our searchable File Extension Database.
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Cyber Tech Help provides technical support for all Windows, Linux & Macintosh Operating Systems, Computer Hardware, PC Networking, Computer Software, Web & Graphic Design, Internet Browser & E-mail, Spyware, Malware, Computer Viruses & Trojans, and Gaming issues.

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can be found for all issues such as Computer Basics, Computer Software, and Windows Issues.
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From Bootdisks to Optimization programs Cyber Tech Helps Downloads Section contains a carefully chosen set of programs to enhance your computing experience. Many are extremely useful for helping to diagnose issues for our

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